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EasyCarry™ Ski Straps

Imagine for a moment…


You look up and there isn’t a single cloud in the blue sky, only the warmth of the bright yellow sun. You look down and you see the fresh powder, just waiting for you to leave your mark.

As you glide elegantly side to side you take it all in and think to yourself, there’s not a single thing that can possibly ruin this perfect day...Right?



Well actually, there is that one problem…


As you know skiing is no walk in the park. And as much as we love it, the reality is that it’s EXHAUSTING. And even though you conquered that mountain, it’s pretty clear she wasn’t taking it easy on you either! By the time you are finished riding, you feel the soreness in your feet, your legs, maybe even your back and arms.



We have a solution for you...


Designed by alpine skiing enthusiasts EasyCarry ™ Ski Straps is created to simplify and lighten your duty of loading skis!

Simply attach your ski the carrying strap, hang the strap over your shoulder or take the strap in your hand and you are ready to go! 🤩 You have your hands free, the skis don't slip out of your hands all the time and you protect yourself from injuries. Thanks to it, even your children will be able to carry their skis.



Why EasyCarry™ Is Perfect For You: 


✅ HASSLE FREE & COMFORTABLE - It allows you to comfortably carry your skis and poles to and from the mountain WITHOUT the usual STRUGGLE and FRUSTRATION.


✅ GREAT FOR KIDS & ADULTS - The Ski Straps can be adjusted in length for Kids so that they can easily carry their own skis. With this ski strap the whole family can finish on a high note, happily AVOIDING STRAIN and DISCOMFORT as the day winds down.



✅ HANDS FREE EXPERIENCE - With its unique design, feel free to wear your skis around your shoulder leaving your hands free for other important tasks and activities.


✅ PROTECT & PREVENT SCRATCHES - EasyCarry™ is fitted with protective EVA to protect skis and poles from scratches or damage. Preventing scratches will preserve wax, save you costly repairs and the need to buy new equipment.


✅ ALL TYPES OF SKIS - It's fully adjustable and can carry skis of all shapes and sizes: from cross-country skis to competition skis, including Nordic touring skis and all other types of skis.


Your passion and love for skiing shouldn’t start off with you having to carry all that equipment from the car to the slopes. We put 100% into satisfying our customers. Invest in yourself and a stress-free ski experience for you and your family and friends! Get yours now before it flies off the shelf. 






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