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PAIN-X™ - BACK STRETCHER is a convenient for home back pain treatment and a preventative care product. It's a simple, passive way to gently stretch your entire back, helping to eliminate the source of your back pain and restore your natural back curve.


It provides back pain relief by lengthening muscles that have been tightened overtime. All in one back stretcher, posture corrector, and lumbar support. Say goodbye to back pain once in for all.

PAIN-X™ - BACK STRETCHER is a lumbar extender that is used to loosen up tight muscles and relieve back pain caused by excessive flexion, pain due to overworking, poor spinal alignment and posture.

As you get more advanced and flexible, you can adjust the curve on the arch to a more advanced setting, and in no time, you'll be walking taller, and with more confidence as your posture will improve.

It is designed to make stretching your back easy, safe, affordable, and enjoyable. It is used to help relieve chronic back pain, correct postural imbalance, restore the natural curvature of the back and improve flexibility in the shoulder and back muscles. Highly recommended and used by Physicians, Chiropractors, and Professional Athletes!


  • Decompresses your spine, relieves pressure on vertebrae and discs
  • Improve flexibility in your shoulder and back muscle
  • Helps you relax according to the natural curvature of the human spine
  • Improve flexibility in shoulder and back muscle for relieving muscle tension, promoting the blood circulation and easing the feeling of fatigue
  • Correct postural imbalances and relieve chronic back pain effectively
  • Adjustable and portable
  • Easy to use home treatment for spine problems
  • Preventive care device for your spine
  • Multi-level adjustment arch for greater reach


1. Simply place the device on the floor and recline so that your spine aligns with the indent in the center
2. Lie back on the stretcher for 5-minute intervals to support the back muscles and relieve your pain
3. For best result, use twice a day
4. You can use it as daily support- just simply sit/sleep with the back stretcher without exercising

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