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Swimming Fishing Lure

Swimming Fishing Lure

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The best fishing lure on the market right now!



This type of bait is suitable for all types of fishing, including bass and ice fishing.

Improve your fishing and enjoy more with this realistically designed swimming lure that will help you to catch more fishes. 



The paint job on the bait is almost zero, and the sound they make will SC all the bass in rivers and lakes!

Attractive Design: The life-like swimming action, easily provoke fish to bite hook. Also there are many small steel bearings in the body that make sounds when moving to attract fish.


Durable & Eco-Friendly: It's made of high quality ABS material, which is odor-free and environmentally friendly.


Big Fishes: Using strong fabric to join the fish together, the maximum tensile force can reach 38 pounds, which can easily catch any big fish.



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